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Al Jazeera America
May 26, 2014 5:00pm EDT
. china surged and became an engine of the world economy. china sucked in resources from every corner of the earth and sent out ships piled high with finished consumer goods. in big tower turns, the u.s. still had an open field to run in during the 1990s. nato expanded east into the old warsaw packet. parts of the empire joined the union. china became washington's banker buying a prod i knigious amount american debt but was not in a world power like the world meant it in the days of the cold war. now, it's the u.s. having trouble working its will in the world, china making new friends and buying new friends in africa and latin america and russia undergirding its economic by selling natural resources for top dollar. >> it took 10 years to cut a deal, but china and russia, two world powers and formerly bitter rivals came together when their energy and political interests merged. they both got what they wanted and needed including the visual message that the u.s. is not alone in dominating the world stage. vladimir putin called it epic. >> this will be the biggest construction in the wor
May 11, 2014 11:00pm EDT
, "age of ambition: chasing fortune, truth, and faith in the new china." >> evan osnos, in your new book, under the acknowledgments you start off by saying, "none of my grandparents lived to see this book but they are responsible for its inception." >> my grandparents on my father's side came from poland. they were polish jews. they left at the beginning of world war ii. on my mother's side, my mother's father was an american diplomat sent to hungary who was kicked out. he was accused of being a spy which he wasn't. in some ways, these stories, the experience of being ejected from poland or hungary, formed a backdrop in our family's story about life under authoritarianism. i think it always -- i was always interested in what it felt like to live in a country where there were fundamental constraints on how you live and what you could care about and what your values were. when there was a moment in my life where i could go to a place to dig into that, china was the place that fascinated me. that family story is very present in my interpretation. >> when you first went there in 1996, could
May 12, 2014 6:00am EDT
there was a moment in my life where i could go to a place to dig into that, china was the place that fascinated me. that family story is very present in my interpretation. >> when you first went there in 1996, could you speak chinese? >> i was learning chinese. i started the previous year. if anybody told you how hard chinese was going to be, you would never undertake the process. i ended up taking about four years of college chinese before i moved to china. i was just starting when i went for the first time. >> i am going to ask you a question in english and i want you to answer in chinese. what is this book about? >> [speaking chinese] you would say in chinese -- [speaking chinese] what i mean is that this book is about ambition. literally in chinese, it is about the wild heart. that is the term people use in chinese to describe ambition. "wild heart," for a long time in chinese was an unimaginable idea. if you are accused of being ambitious, you are accused of being wild hearted. that was a death sentence. what it meant was that you put the group before anything else. -- i'm sorry, you put your
May 4, 2014 5:30pm EDT
honor and privilege to welcome you here tonight before the book launch, ages caldron, the south china sea and the end of a stable pacific. we're going not i just ask everybody if you have any electronic devices, please check them and make sure that they are silenced. i would appreciate it. we don't want them to disturb the goings on. as this great crowd suggests bob kaplan is one of today's most recognized and respected american journalists to mike currently in national correspondent for the atlantic magazine. he also is a senior fellow at the foreign policy research institute, and i am happy to say and jack senior fellow at the center for new american security i think bob first kind of hit the national security policy seen in a big way with his publication, the coming anarchy in the atlantic monthly in 1994. i was talking to him just before the event kicked off. yesterday he spoke to the leaders of the department of defense command the aston to update data very similar article that article has been widely cited and debated and was the first of his many articles that highlighted the r
Al Jazeera America
May 20, 2014 12:00am EDT
quote .s. goes after china for stealing all american ideas . >> for the first time we are exposing the faces and names
May 11, 2014 11:00pm EDT
today the chinese story really interesting. market reforms could help boost stocks. china. australiahe most seeing declines. 3.5%. minh city down companies.ndustrial really taking a big hit on the conflict with china. between hanoiring and beijing over a stretch of the south china sea. it has to do with a search for oil and ships in an increasingly tense standoff. had hundreds of people taking to the streets in hanoi. what are the latest development? >> yesterday, vietnam's prime minister in his speech in myanmar asked other leaders to support vietnam and put pressure on china to remove that oil rig from the waters that vietnam says is in its territory. earlier, foreign ministers issued a statement calling on self-restraint from both parties as well as progress in formulating a code of conduct for that sea region. the unumlear whether will get support it is looking for from other countries in the region. >> how did this dispute play out? we have these protests here. what are people saying? >> in vietnam, people are riveted by this story, this class, this dispute. drivers, police office
May 30, 2014 5:00pm EDT
, tomography -- pornography. discrimination among others. my interest is not to be but to recognize how china and united states can and must in prove their cultures. my honesty about china is consistent with my honesty about my own country. i would like to thank the witnesses for appearing before us today. i look forward to your testimony and i'm grateful to chairman smith for calling the searing. goodank you very much very like to yield to my distinguished friend from texas, mr. weber. >>.gov or calling the searing -- thank you for calling this hearing. there is probably no greater torture than believing you have to maintain control on other human beings by weaponry and by those kinds of cowardly acts that we witnessed in tiananmen square. the chinese totalitarian government must not be allowed to last. democracy must prevail and be the order of the day. on us, especially with chairman smith at the helm, to be steadfast and to be your friends in the fight for keeping liberty and freedom on the forefront. for being that example, having that courage, the guts, the fortitude. you are an inspira
May 23, 2014 2:00pm EDT
, china and the u.s. began nation to nation relations and mutual trade treaty. about a year ago, i had once invited to gentlemen with the names of mr. dan lytton and peter underwood. they were the descendents of those who founded the university medical center. these american missionaries came in the late 19 century and founded hospitals and schools. they did many work for the people. in 1945, after the u.s. rose the tories from the pacific war, korea was liberated from japan's colonial rule. however, the disarmament of japanese troops north of 38th parallel was hindered by soviet union. as the soviet union forces occupy the north, the peninsula became divided and suffered structural problems. after our liberation, the united states, who is in charge of militarization for south korea, withdrew their forces before june 29, 1949, as the republic of korea government was established in 1948. they left only 479 members at the korean military advisory group. also, january 1, 1950, the secretary of state, mr. dean acheson, excluded korea from your specific development line. because of these, -
May 25, 2014 9:00pm EDT
. it's only battling microsoft again as china relaxes the rules. success. taste of the chocolate billionaire claiming victory in ukraine. arethai military leaders set to name an interim leader today to implement electoral reforms. the king has approved thursday's coup, but protests continue. you have been there many times. how extreme is this? >> i haven't been there in recent weeks, but this time, it appears different from the outside looking at it ondemically, and carrying conversations with people inside thailand. the fear and what you saw over the weekend is that there is a ratcheting up of tensions, this as protesters become increasingly agitated with the way this coup is unfolding and the level of power that the , theal prayuth chan-ocha army commander and effective head of government, is commanding. yesterday, he dissolved the thai senate. that removes the last democratic institution in the country. it is one of the reasons why you saw protesters out on the streets in force. the good news is, despite 2000 protesters moving towards victory monument, the military, even thoug
Al Jazeera America
May 31, 2014 3:00am EDT
> >> >>> the international dispute over the south china sea, the u.s. defense secretary takes aim at china. >> the united states will not look the other way when fundamental principles of the international order are challenged. >>> hello, i'm here in doha with the world news from al jazeera. >>> also ahead - celebrations in malawi after a winner is announced after the bitterly disputed elections. his opponent says they'll fight on. >> we are not taking that laying down. >>> plus... ..the first suicide attack by a u.s. citizen in syria. he took his orders from a group linked to al qaeda. >>> and how police are getting a bird's eye view of criminals in mexico, where crime rates are soaring. >>> u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel accused beijing of unstabilizing the area in the china sea. chuck hagel warned that the u.s. would not ignore action that could threaten long-term process. >> china called the south china sea a sea of peace, friendship and cooperation. that's what it should be. in recent months china has undertaken destabilizing actions asserting claims over the south china
May 30, 2014 10:00am EDT
in 2000 he was the leading in a class action suit against the premier of china during the massacre for crimes against humanity. he served as the president of the chinese democracy education foundation. then we'll hear from mr. chen qinglin, an advocate for democracy in china, a student at the time of tiananmen square massacre. he was imprisoned for six years for attempted to form an opposition party following the massacre. .. to deal with the emotional scars of those who bear unbelievable torture at the end of the chinese to cater ship has helped many, many people get some normality back to their lives. they lived in china in 2014 and when he came to the u.s. to continue his academic pursuit. if you could begin. >> mr. chairman, thank you for this hearing. as far as i can remember, this is the 16th hearing you host on human rights issues in china. thank you very much for your leadership. and your statements and your words and actions and that of other congressional leaders made clear that we have been fighting not alone. thank you very much for your leadership and support. today i
May 18, 2014 11:00pm EDT
this be a rival to samsung and apple? china very much on the downside. .hina's home prices rose evidence of the property impact in china. the hang seng also seeing declines. jakarta, malaysia, malaysian airlines down. malaysia reports gdp. thailand unchanged. off 5%. bjp's landslide victory. the most emphatic result in 30 years. this is a turning point. that is what everybody is saying. >> absolutely. we did see this huge landslide for modi over the weekend. the question is who will be part of his newly formed cabinet. government [indiscernible] one of the names that is doing the rounds is a former commerce minister. someone seen -- he is someone seen with experience. jaitley will most likely be named. the bjp in the election manifest referred to what it calls tax terrorism. international arbitration by legalthat can make the system as transparent as possible. it has been on the back burner long little -- for a very time due to political differences. quickly other key ministers. the deputy be manager welcoming the chairman of the national democratic alliance although it remains unclear w
May 18, 2014 11:00pm PDT
this report. >> reporter: the people asked for the people's republic of china to finally stand up for its name. the communist ideal is that everyone shares in responsibility and shares in the wealth there are charges of corruption. charges that the families of the powered elite get preference. >> partly because you can only get raw materials and produce if you go through the back door. and the more connections you have, the more people you know, the better off you are economically. >> reporter: robert scalapino is director of uc berkeley asian studies. he says for the first time in memory young students are winning the support of some of china ease workers. because not only is there corruption in china there's also a 35% annual inflation rate. and extremely low wages. >> scalapino says that in the past when china was a more closed society the people may have been more patient and may have had more faith in their leaders but no more chinese masses are now learning about what's happening in other parts of the world and the patient is running thin. >> outside influences come in. and the stud
May 3, 2014 12:30pm PDT
countries of poland and the baltics. close ties with china give germany a foothold in asia and beijing a line of influence through berlin. in fact, the increase in trade between china and germany particularly in german exports to china, has exceeded all expectations. germany is china's number one trade partner in the eu. and the top investment destination for german companies is china. based on this emerging economic between china and germany, quote, a special relationship, unquote, is now emerging. item. china needs technology and germany needs markets. structural similarities and shared economic interests are key for this emerging special relationship. item, germany's approach to china is mostly driven on the need of its exporters. germany's foreign policy is based on the idea that economic exchange will lead to political and society change in china. item, china sees germany as the most useful country for its economic development. germany is an attractive partner because germany's prom prominent role in the eu, but also because of increased german dependence on china. item, nearly a
May 9, 2014 5:00am PDT
. chinese officials say they'll discuss a standoff in the south china sea, but only if vietnamese ships leave the area first. >>> a huge blast destroys a hotel in syria. fighting between government forces and the opposition has intensified ahead of a presidential election. >>> and people who look after china's world heritage sites face a growing challenge, visitors who are leaving behind more than just footprints. >>> chinese authorities have accused the crews of vietnamese ships of intentionally colliding with their vessels. last week a state-owned chinese company parked an oil rig in disputed waters in the south china sea, and now dozens of boats from both sides have gathered around it. the chinese are urging the vietnamese to pull out so they can begin talks. the crews are facing off near the paracel islands. their ships have collided several times. vietnamese police are trying to stop the chinese from drilling. but the crews of chinese government ships are keeping watch. >> translator: vietnamese ships have intentionally rammed chinese boats to disturb the company's operations. >> y
May 5, 2014 5:30am PDT
ababa on sunday and met with mr holley marion gasoline. ms li said china is willing to continue its cooperation with ethiopia in infrastructure such as roads railways as well as telecom services. he also said china supports ethiopia's efforts to build special economic zones as well as is the two parks is willing to fight the necessary technology. he said china will continue to encourage companies and financial institutions to invest in ethiopia. thus i knew was in cooperation with china has improved ethiopia's economic growth in restructuring after their meeting the two leaders were o countries signed a number of contracts including wellington cooperation agreements with the construction of roads as well as industrial zones. he really is on a four nation africa tour though also taken to nigeria angola as well as kenya as he aims to strengthen china's growing ties with the concept. lily's visit africa marks the fiftieth anniversary of the first trip to the content by chinese leaders all bilateral ties began with humble expectations they have grown dramatically in recent years. arling
May 6, 2014 5:30am PDT
full day of its four country tour in africa. he's laid out a framework for china africa cooperation in a speech at the hidden corners of the african union. speaking on monday in addis ababa ethiopia created a new proposed four principles for deepening cooperation and he underlined six primary areas of cooperation. cctv is core to chop has the details the premier league said conley of africa's role in maintaining world peace and stability is africa has become one pole of the world in three dimensions and when claire on the stage of world politics. you can shoot the heir to the global economic growth and to call for party human civilization in order to further deepen bilateral ties. we proposed for guiding principles treating each other seems fairly and equally consolidating solidarity and mutual trust to jointly pursue an inclusive development and promoting innovation in bilateral practical cooperation. we should root for them. she's pushing. i went to china and africa have always respected each other's core interests and major concern. china spoken out in support of effortless just
May 16, 2014 10:00pm EDT
writer at the "new yorker" magazine. he was the china correspondent from 2005 to 2013. he has written a book about his experiences in a country that is undergoing rapid change and it is called "age of ambition." george packer has said that evan osnos gives us 21st-century china the way the best journalists gave us the gilded age. i'm pleased to have him back at this table. welcome. george was rather complimentary, wasn't he? >> he knows the gilded age. the first one and the one we are going through now so i appreciate the comment. >> why's it hard to define the ambition of china? >> it operates on two levels. you have the national ambition, the one we see every day over here. it is the one pushing china out into the south and east china sea. it is a remarkable thing to see. the one that is harder to see, the one you see on the ground when you live in china and talk to people is the ambition in their personal lives and private lives and their families which is to transform themselves to this economic metamorphosis. >> you have been interested in this for a while. the individual life. >
May 21, 2014 2:30pm PDT
. china and russia have reached an agreement over gas supply. the $400 billion agreement comes after a decade in the making. for china, the world's top energy user, it secures a fast source of cleaner fuel, while for russia, it opens up a wider market as it is losing customers in europe over the crisis in ukraine. the details. >> the detail is signed after 10 years of negotiations. a 400 and china inked billion dollar agreement. starting in 2018, gazprom will gasrise -- supply natural every year, one quarter of what china consumes. this will last 30 years. negotiations were delayed due to a disagreement over prices. they believe that international circumstances may have pushed russian negotiators to accept a compromise. diplomatically speaking, this comes at a very good point in time. right after the discussions gast whether or not deliveries from russia to europe would be disrupted, so it is a good thing for russia to appear more independent. tobut russia will have invest. it needs to build a new pipeline to link china to carry gas from western siberia. it will invest $55 billion, a
May 25, 2014 11:00pm EDT
. there are bigger plans too including going public. plus, rising sales of salmon and china's middle class has a hunger to succeed. and then i on the future. we will meet basketball star yao ming for his plans for the future. all that on this monday edition of "asia edge." >> in the next hour, the leader of thailand's military junta is set to give an endorsement as the head of government. there is growing anger on the streets. new developments only moments ago. >> breaking news now, that is the protest leader as well as the ex prime minister released from thai military custody according to local news reports as well as the spokesman for yingluvck. it is not clear what happens next. it is unclear what charges yingluck faces but they have been into tension for several days. ck turnay, yinglu herself in after she was summoned by the junta. in just about 30 minutes time, take a look, the commanding general, prayuth chan-ocha will report to the royal command in bangkok to present his pick for interim prime minister. out, heorrectly pointed will then receive the king's endorsement. these are fast-mo
May 22, 2014 6:00am EDT
keene and joining me is scarlet fu. and adam johnson. >> data was positive over night in china with the pmi rising. in europe, the services sector rose to the highest in almost for years. if there's a caveat, it's just that we are starting from a low base but the data is getting at her and you cannot deny that with futures up again. >> we have housing coming up later. a.m., last week it was under 300,000. we have manufacturing pmi as well and it is the bloomberg consumer comfort index at 10:00. fed had had, so apple of days ago. . >> we also had the kansas city manufacturing number. >> why do they do regional numbers? >> if you add them up, you get it picture of the country as a whole. . we are federalists. before the bell, best buy, scarlet fu will break that. hewlette bell, the gap, and packard and obama is speaking in cooperstown today. >> that's because the orioles are in first place. let's do a data check. equities, bonds, currencies, and commodities. the equity markets have a surge. weaker and nymex crude is elevated big-time. vxx shows under 12. the euro dollar is so imp
May 6, 2014 6:00pm EDT
malloy, cofounder of bluerun ventures you started investing in china in 2007 opening businesses in beijing and shanghai. i will start with you, jon. \ what stands out to you in the f1? any surprises? let's start with john malloy. numerous surprises. the scale of the business is something we've known about for a long time. commentator, i completely agree with. the outside for them is mobile and it has to do with the transition of the chinese market. they are slightly behind us and mobile adoption so it's normal mix wouldof customer be in place right now but that is an absolute upside for them. >> jon erlichman, you have been looking at some of the companies alibaba has been buying. walk us through that and how it plays here. this is a really important thing and part of the growth story. we are getting into that but you are right. they have made investments in a variety of well-known consumer related technology companies in ft tonited states from ly tango. it is not just the story of marketing to investors. it's the story of marketing to anyone who could potentially be a user of t
May 14, 2014 5:30am PDT
-- testify that the double amputee sprinter suffered from a personality disorder. -- and-china protests anti-china protests continue in vietnam. china's growing over recent installment of an oil rig in disputed southeast asian waters. we will be getting reaction from china. first to turkey where at least 200 people have been confirmed dead in one of the worst mining disasters in turkish history. an exploding transformer deep underground triggered a massive fire that is still not under control. rescueders have been but some 200 more are still trapped underground. most of the victims died from carbon monoxide poisoning. rescuers are pumping oxygen in the mind to try and help those -- in the mine to try and help those still inside. alive from thed coal mine, a glimmer of hope for the families of those still trapped, desperately trying to reach them before the oxygen runs out. rescuers have been working through the night. some have been able to walk away , their faces and hardhats covered in soot. the fire and explosion were caused by an electrical fault. it happened during a shift change. with some o
May 10, 2014 9:00pm EDT
quote >> mr. secretary, i suspect him another topic. russia plans to turn to china for money or ask for investments to compensate with what they're losing with sanctions in the u.s. and eu. are you willing to pressure and urge your chinese counterparts not to go along? >> we talk about a wide range of topics when we meet. i will bring topics central to the u.s. agenda and they will raise topics of concern with them. we have been making the case consistently wherever we go that it is unacceptable for russia to violate ukraine's sovereignty. when we take action and other countries in the world take action, it's important for them not to be backfilled. >> and we would not be happy. >> it's an argument i make wherever i go. >> you will make it in beijing. >> we will talk about a whole range of topics. >> let's talk about putin and ukraine. why not impose tougher sectorial sanctions? would they apply to a wide swath of financial and energy industries or be more targeted specifically? >> the steps we have taken with regard to russia have been very carefully determined and quite effective.
May 11, 2014 10:00am PDT
is the world's number one economy, china or the united states? there's been a lot of information and misinformation out there recently. we will sort it out. >>> all that plus why one curmudgeon said the film "groundhog day" is a great guide to life. >> well, it's groundhog day. again. >>> first, here's my take. in foreign policy, there's one quick way into the history books. make a major mistake. we can be sure with lyndon johnson and george w. bush that no matter what else was said of them, their decisions leading to intervention and war will be long discussed. the second path to big success is actually less short. nixon's opening to china was quickly seen as historic, but harry truman's many bold decisions, nato, containment, the marshall plan were not lauded at the time. what about the current office? president obama has not made a major mistake. he has done a skillful job steering the united states out of the muddy waters he inherited, think iraq and afghanistan, and he resisted pushing the country into another major conflict with all the complications it would inevitably ent
May 11, 2014 9:00pm EDT
in china. it has a lot of references from when i was a child. that translates to china? >> especially the young generation. and up in the late 1980's 1990's. quite familiar with american culture. happy. the jokes, >> do they have to rewrite the jokes in the subtitles? >> no. >> we will have more from the interview with the sohu chief executive, including why they took down four popular american tv shows. a little over 24 hours to go before the australian treasurer delivers his first budget. it is expected to be a horror show with thousands of government jobs perhaps being cut. let's get over to paul allen, who is there. where else is the ax likely to fall? ofthere will be plenty nervous public servants around the country today with news coming out that up to 16,000 public service jobs may go and up to 70 government agencies may be abolished. some of them are obscure, like the development council. perhaps you can understand why that is not seen as entirely necessary. some others give indications about his opinion on climate change. for example, the australia nubile energy agency is loo
May 16, 2014 12:00am PDT
program. we begin this evening with china and evan osnos, a writer for the new yorker magazine whose book is called "age of ambition: chasing fortune, truth and faith in the new china." >> the united states today, even in the, shall we say, complicated moment in which we find ourselves, we still represent something unusual in the world, and something distinctive, something specific, some idea that we are the country of last resort, we are the currency of last resort. china is not there yet, and it's not yet articulating a message that people around the world say that's where i want to go, that's the country -- that will be the secret to success for me here and abroad. >> charlie: we continue this evening with jo nesbo a very popular norwegian cultural hero and writer of crime fiction. >> i'm a storyteller. my ambition is to, at some point, be able to write something truly original, to say something that is true that hasn't been said before. of course, that is extremely ambitious, and i don't think i have been able to do that yet, but i have to keep that ambition, you know. i ha
FOX News
May 15, 2014 3:00pm PDT
more shots tonight from critics who are concerned about its dealings with china. the world's most populous country is currently dealing with problems in its own backyard, but all of that seems to be overshadowed by the relationship between beijing and washington. national security correspondent janice griffin fills us in from the pentagon tonight. >> reporter: a 19-gun salute for china's top military general at the pentagon today, groted with full military honors just days after he toured the "uss ronald reagan" and other vessels as part of a five-day visit to the united states. the general was given the red carpet treatment as tensions between the chinese military and its neighbors hit a boiling point. mobs in vietnam burned foreign owned factories as part of growing protests over china's decision to place an oil rig in disputed southeast asia waters vietnam claims as its own. a dispute reminiscent of china's aggression dispute over the sin kaku islands. general martin dempsey host the chinese general. >> we spoke about the fact that the use of military assets to resolve disputes
May 26, 2014 9:00pm EDT
business around in a tough time. it may yield some lessons. >> bookings for china so far since the disappearance of the lane are down 50%. >> that is the obvious elephant in the room. i could bring you back here -- what about the future for malaysian airlines. could a cover its brand reputation or is it damaged irreparably? .> garuda it did it i it had a similar profile. malaysia airlines hoping to do the same. one of the priorities will the cost and that can come in the form of new fuel-efficient jets. some analysts say that malaysia airlines should consider spinning off its units which will be tough. the carrier is optimistic and it has to be. take a listen. >> i am very confident we can do that. malaysia airlines has been around for over 40 years. we have a world-class reputation. we are one of the only seven airlines in the world that has a five-star rating and our cabin crew has probably one world's best cabin crew -- standards are on par with the very best airlines. >> we are going to have the full interview a little later. update.u on that indian futures are trading righ
Al Jazeera America
May 30, 2014 3:00am EDT
, japan's prime minister puts himself on a collision course with china in a push for a greater role in regional security. >>> a revenge attack on a mosque after dozens of christians were killed. >>> we are in thailand where tourist attractions suffered a blow because of a fight over who runs the country. >>> ukraine's president-elect is vowing to punish the men responsible for killing a ukrainian general and 13 other soldiers. the helicopter was shot down near slovyansk on thursday. separatist fighters say they suicide machine guns, but the government says their weapons were more advanced air defense missiles. we go live to donetsk. it's been five days after a victory, and petero poroshenko, the elected prime minister, is facing his first major test. >> reporter: yes. these are brave words from the president-elect, petero poroshenko, who said that he will continue with the military offensive against the separatist viters in donetsk, and the people's republic. it's clear now, that the fighters reinforced with weapons and ammunition and they have their hands on sophisticated weapons.
May 31, 2014 6:00am PDT
. american defense secretary chuck hagel accuses china of destabilizing the south china sea and says the u.s. will not look the other way. military of thailand's afternoon announces elections might be more than a year away, and in formula one, simmering tensions, even though they are both driving for the same team. of words has erupted between the united states and china. first, u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel accuse china of, as he put it, destabilizing the south china sea and china responded by describing the comments as full of incitement, threats, and intimidation. the dispute looks to heighten further tensions in east asia, where china has recently been involved in disputes with the number of neighbors, above all, japan and vietnam. >> the senkaku islands are at the center of a long-running dispute. although officially controlled by japan, china also lays claim to the uninhabited territory. the real issue is not the terrain rising from the sea, but the oil, gas, and fish, deep below the surface. see -- speaking at a conference in singapore, the u.s. defense secretary had some tough
May 18, 2014 7:00pm EDT
governments. the name cracks down on anti-china protests. chinese nationals leave him thousands. a special report on how the survivors are struggling to rebuild their lives. welcome. in for angiert lau. thank you for joining us this monday. newa is repairing for a government after would have the biggest election results in decades. on abjp for our own when i landslide victory. we report on the challenges ahead. good morning. there is already a lot of buzz happening. for starters, nobody thought they would get the kind of majority. they were expecting it would not come to pass. -- even though they were expecting it would come to pass. along with the west, a significant majority is not something that most people were expecting. completelys been launched out in 2014. they have not even managed to have enough to be leaders. that will be an interesting game. it will be the next prime minister of the country. he conducted a mega roadshow in the capital of the city. he had attractions with the media as well as people of the country. watchay really want to out for now is the parliamentary board me
May 30, 2014 8:00am EDT
choppy. it's got corruption. but then i think they could start to work on that. i think it's you china also think for pakistan, if they stop supporting and running these proxy wars they could start to get a grip on their own problems. i think it's time, it would be difficult but it's time to end that obsession with trying to manage their own defense through these proxy military groups who are now just so powerful, they are problems for the survival of pakistan itself. >> i just want to thank you for highlighting balochistan as you have in your book, and also wanted to mention that, i'll ask you, do you have any photographs or any mention of some of the baloch national leaders, some the things that have come briefly, some the traditional ways they have dealt with tribal issues like i know people are bearing women alive and justifying it in parliament. some of the photographs of them making people walk on calls to see if they're telling the truth or not. did you come across -- [inaudible] internal issues that record on in balochistan? >> i'll explain a little bit about that typically. ba
Apr 30, 2014 6:30pm PDT
for now. a new report shows that the u.s. could lose the distinction to china sometime over the next year. scott cohn has more. >> reporter: china's economy may become the world's largest this year passing the united states earlier than most expected. according to a new report by 2011 china's economy was already 87% the size of the u.s., leading some experts to predict china will top the u.s. as the world's biggest economy by tend of 2014. dan greenhouse says we should not be surprised. >> with the number of people in china, there are about 1.3 or 4 billion people, compared to 310 million in the united states. they should have a much larger economy. >> even though china's economy may soon outstrip is that of the united states, the average worker makes much less than the average american worker who makes 12 times the number they make. >> china has been coming on quite strong for sometime, the world businesses are aware of that. i don't think even if we pass the particular benchmark that is a tipping point. that can't mean the u.s. will maintain its full strength. >> and investors should re
May 14, 2014 3:00pm PDT
are heading back to college campuses for retirement; frustration toward china spur unrest in vietnam; and a new novel exploring love, war and the collision of worlds. >> woodruff: just when you thought congress couldn't get any more polarized, think again. election results last night in nebraska and west virginia highlight a growing divide. in nebraska, ben sasse, a tea party-backed candidate, won the republican senate primary and is now likely to be their next senator. he would replace the more moderate republican senator, mike johanns, who is retiring. meanwhile, in west virginia, congresswoman shelly moore capito won the republican senate primary. she faces off against democrat natalie tenant, west virginia's secretary of state. capito is favored in that contest and would replace retiring democratic senator jay rockefeller. here to walk us through all this is our political editor, domenico montanaro. so domenico, we just mentioned there what happened last night. but tell us about the rest of this misterm cycle what we're looking at. >> you mentioned nebraska and west virginia, two
May 4, 2014 7:00pm EDT
of the big names include theby's., so the b the company just resume china operations in may after coming under fire from regulators and paying half $1 million fine. they're showing the service industry was expanded in april and the trade deficit narrowed in march. testifies in the coming week before the joint economic committee of congress. >> let's get more on the trading week ahead. we are joined by the managing director. he oversees about $7 billion. he joins us from sydney. let's start off with the reaction to the fed payroll numbers. what do you make of it here? we saw a better performance. the highest payroll gain in two years. the high stop and 35 years. >> i think it is a continuation of the past. youhave to remember that had to surveys. the business survey showing pretty strong gains in the employment story. the household sector showed a net loss of jobs. i think it really was not a convincing story either way. you add to the fact that the fed is still buying 70% of the new u.s. treasury issuance. and means there will be continued low volatility and stability for the treasury ma
Al Jazeera America
May 21, 2014 12:00pm EDT
's former president is sentenced to three year's im prisonment. china and russia signed one of the biggest gas deals. >>> a controversial film is nominated at this year's can film festival but will it fall foul of censors at home. >> first we begin in nigeria. it happened close to the town where more than 250 schoolgirls were kidnapped over a month ago. at least 18 people were killed in double bombings yesterday. mohammed reports. >> reporter: the target was a busy marketplace. the bomb was packed in a mini van designed to kill as many as possible. >> [ inaudible ] so by the time i [ inaudible ] a lot of dead bodies. >> reporter: a second blast in a truck went off less than 40 minutes later. it hit some of the initial response teams. >> lessons learned is that when [ inaudible ] there is bound to be a second explosion. >> reporter: this is the devastation caused by the blast. the goods the traitor was selling remains strewn all around. their lives are properly brought to an end. fire gutted the market, and police are saying they will have to go into them to see whether there are any bodies
May 1, 2014 4:00am PDT
traders welcome a new month as the dow soars to a record high. in today's cover story...why china is catching up with the u.s. economy? plus... fed predictions ... traders take a guess at a "million dollar question." and...hits and misses... how film studio earnings are playing out on wall street... first business starts now! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning! i'm angela miles. it's thursday, may 1st. in today's first look: investors "showered" money into blue chips in april. just as the month was rolling into may, the dow closed at a record high for the first time this year buying was triggered by postive comments about the economy from the fed...and it spread to the rest of the stock market. with the nasdaq adding on 11 points the s&p 6 gold dropped by $5 dollars. and oil is trading back bellow $100 per barrel. in earnings after hours... it was a big night for weight watchers. the stock pumped up 13% as the company reported a slim down in earnings, but the outlook was better than expected. and la clipper chipper
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